Boat Tour for Nature Lovers


For those interested in wildlife in the Amazon Jungle
Tours away from traditional tourist routes. Bird watching, jungle walks, canoe rides, pirana fishing etc.

Join your family, invite your friends and come to enjoy the most original tour in the Amazon Jungle. flexible and customized for people of all ages.

"Amazing activities in the Amazon"

If you come for a tour in Manaus Amazon Brazil, the tour for nature lovers is considered one of the best tour in the Amazon. This amazing trip offers you the chance to enjoy the best of the Amazon, it's perfect for bird watching, canoe rides, jungle walks and for those interested in wildlife and the beauties of the Amazon Nature.

Tours Available in Traditional Riverboats and Boats with Cabins

Comfortable boat with two decks, kitchen, observation deck, shower, toilet, dining room, electric generator. During the trips you sleep in comfortable hammocks. Many guests from USA and Europe request this type of boat for their tours. 
Oferring comfortable, air-conditioning, toilets, showers,  power plugs; kitchen, observation deck, dining room, nice lounge, motorized canoe. These boats offer you comfort of a hotel allowing you to enjoy the Amazon in comfortable way.

The tour departs according to your arrival in Manaus.  Please, inform number of days, number of people and date of your arrival in Manaus.

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