"Joining a Small Group"

For individuals and Small Groups



OPTION ONE:   (Tour in a Riverboat)

Nice boats, two decks, big, safe and comfortable. Offering:  toilets, showers, kitchen, dining room, motorized canoes, electric generator. During the tour you sleep in comfortable hammocks. Invite your family,  friends and enjoy the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest.  

This Riverboat Tour leaves only with a minimum of 4 guests, in case we do not reach this number of people, the tour will be organized with a local family in the region of the Amazon River.

This boat tour leaves every week is available for all natures lovers, students, individuals and small groups.


OPTION TWO:  (Tour with locals + Day Tour in a Regular Boat) 

We leave from Manaus by boat to a local family in the region of the Amazon River. There, you enjoy amazing canoe rides, bird watching, alligator watching at night, pirana fishing and exciting canoe rides through the amazing waterways of the Amazon River.

On the Last Day: After breakfast, you return back to Manaus to begin another tour at 9:00am along with other guests in a big and fast regular boat. You’ll visit the famous Meeting of the Waters, Janauari Lake and water lilies. Lunch and visitation fees included in the trip. You visit and swim with the famous pink dolphins and you visit also an indian tribe to watch an interesting ritual. Then, you returned back to Manaus arriving there around 4:00 pm. 

Transfers and hotel reservation available
Email: carlos@amazontoursbrazil
Celular/Zap: ++55-92-99156-7185  – 24 hours available
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