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Option 1 - Joining a Small Group


               Option 1 - JOINING A SMALL GROUP FOR A BOAT TRIP- with Carlos the Jaguar - (Tours at your budget)


 * See below SPECIAL PRICE for a Boat Trip: 

* The tour will be organized in a RIVERBOAT, if we join a SMALL GROUP with a minimum of 5 guests.                                                                     

* The tour will be organized in a JUNGLE LODGE, if we join less than 5 guests. Tours leaving every day.                



Sometimes, we can not join a Small Group due different schedules  of the guests. In this case the tour can be organized in a Jungle Lodge, or it can be arranged privately for you and your partners for a special price.


(TYPICAL RIVERBOAT): Measuring between 17 and 18 in lenght, two decks, very good boat, big, safe and comfortable. Offering: observation deck, covered deck and area for sunbathing, toilets, showers, kitchen, dining room, electric generator for light and recharge your devices allowing you to be connected on the web in most of the trip; the boat is excellent for photos and videos. During this tour you sleep in comfortable hammocks in the riverboat.



                          PRICE OF THE BOAT TRIP    -   Joining a Small Group   -     (Special Price at your budget)


    AMAZING TOURS IN THE AMAZON    -  JOINING A SMALL GROUP -              (book your tour for one of these dates)           


FOR 3 DAYS TOUR:    (Departing on the 1st - the 18th - 28th every month - Only US$ 750 per person

FOR 4 DAYS TOUR:    (Departing on the 6th and the 23th every month        - Only US$ 850 per person

FOR 5 DAYS TOUR:    (Departing on the 12nd every month                           - Only US$ 950 per person



FOR 6 DAYS TRIP:    (Departing on the 4th every month                              - Only US$ 1.000 per person

FOR 7 DAYS TRIP:    (Departing on the 10th every month                            - Only US$ 1.200 per person


Note: The jungle lodge is an available option, but if you prefer dynamism, flexibility and adventure; a Boat Tour offer the most exciting option since we can visit different regions in a short period of time, as well as we can navigate through the amazing and remote regions of the Amazon River far away from civilation sleeping in different places each day.

 (so, book your tour for one of the date above  -  I arrange you a nice and cheap hotel in Manaus and organize all your transfers)

  A professional English speaking guide will be on tour to provide you the best information during the trip in the riverboat. So, choose the best option and book your tour for the right date, informing number of days, number of people, date to start the tour, etc. Tours departs from the pier of Manaus located in downtown. I offer also one day tour in the Amazon visiting the regions of the Amazon River and Rio Negro.