Tour for Nature Lovers

This is an amazing tour in the Amazon Jungle

Specific for those interested in wildlife or in the search of adventure in the Rainforest.
This is a fascinating tour where you have the chance to go away from civilization and away from tourist traditional routes.

These tours are private for you and your friends only, there will be no other guests. So, join your friends, family and come to experience a wonderful and unforgettable adventure in the amazing Amazon Jungle,visiting primary jungle away from civilization and tourist ordinary routes. This tour is flexible and customized for people of all ages.

"Incredible actvities and fascinating jungle programs"

Tours Available in Traditional Riverboats and Boats with Cabins

Measuring 17 to 20 meters in lenght, comfortable boat with two decks, kitchen, observation deck, shower, toilet, dining room, electric generator for recharge your batteries, motorized canoe for the amazing rides through the waterways. During this trip guests sleep on board in comfortable hammocks. Many guests prefer typical riverboats which are also comfortable, large, clean, cheaper and very safe. Riverboats work like a moving hotel, allowing us to navigate anywhere in the Amazon and sleep in different regions each day.
Measuring 18 to 25 meters in lenght, two decks, nice cabins, comfortable beds, shower, toilet, air-conditioning, outlets in your cabins for recharging your batteries, kitchen, observation deck, dining room, motorized canoe for the rides throughout the waterways. These boats offer you comfort of a hotel, allowing you to enjoy the Amazon in a comfortable way.

The tour leaves according to your arrival in Manaus. You decide the day you want to start the trip. Price will be sent to you on request, as well as details of the tour. Please, inform the number of days, number of people and date of your arrival in Manaus and we will answer you promptly. I can make your reservation in a very good hotel in Manaus and organize all your transfers.