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Consul General of Canada / 04 people – 06 days - CANADA - 2012

I wanted to thank you so much for what I consider one of the most memorable trips on my life.  Your organization of our week-long trip to the Amazon was so much more than I had hoped for. The places you took us, the things we saw, the memories that will last a lifetime.  I loved our boat, the crew, and the delicious food. The cook was really incredible.

You are a gifted man who knows what to show people in your home state, how to treat people, and how to create an adventure that few will ever experience during their lifetime.

Reena Konghan / 04 people – 08 days – New York- USA - 2013

My family and I had an amazing time exploring the mysteries of the Amazon with Carlos from “Amazon Tours Brazil’’ I do not not think anybody could had done a better job than Carlos. Besides the wonderful and incredible activities in the jungle, Carlos took us to the locals who lives in different parts of the Amazon and made a lot of difference in our experience. Carlos made sure that we had  the most  exclusive  experience in the jungle,  local Indians, amazing activities, learn about the different types of trees (flora and fauna).

Dra. Maria Gibson / 02 people – 16 days - AUSTRALIA - 01-January - 2013

My husband and I hired Carlos in Manaus from Amazon Tours Brazil to organize a private river trip down the Rio Negro. It was a fantastic 16 days. We especially enjoyed the canoe trips down rivers and streams of the more remote areas and were fortunate to see the river otters, toucans, macaws and many other birds. We slept to the songs of the howling monkeys, saw magnificent reflections in the flooded forest and were taken to see a newly described carnivorous plant. Being a botanist, this was a very interesting to me.

Joan Scheweighardt / 04 people – 7 days - USA - 30-Apri l- 2013

Carlos is very likely the best guide and tour operator in the Amazon Brazil. We wanted a trip away from the tourist areas, into the wild, and that was what we got. Carlos speaks several languages fluently, so he was able to give us valuable information,  about trees, birds, mammals and the history of the area and of course the river, which has a life of its own. His wonderful sense of humor made him a great dinner campanion for our group.

Baltic Travel Group / V.I.P guests from Latvia- Europe – 04 days tour in the Amazon - Luxury Yacht

Hi, dear, 
I am so, so, so happy to hear all this, you even can't imagine :)) 
And I already got message from Valdis, when you had a tour in the Amazon- with text- Carlos is perfect :)) 
I was smiling and still I am- and that's all because of You!!! Many thanks for your patience, for your hard work, for this organization of everything and for being the best guide in the Amazon! :) 
I hope I will go there one day and will meet you to be my guide in the Amazon :) 
Thank you once again! :) 



Teri Wadsworth / Portland, Oregon - USA - 2012

Our 5-day adventure in the Amazon jungle with Carlos was the experience of a lifetime. We paddled through the flooded jungle in a hand-built canoe looking for sloths, toucans and monkeys, fished for piranhas, learned about indigenous medicinal plants and swam with pink dolphins. The food was delicious and nothing can beat waking up in the morning in a hammock hearing howler monkeys in the nearby jungle. Carlos is a wealth of knowledge about the flora and fauna of the Rio Negro region. 


Rudi Croymans / 05 people (family)- BELGIUM – 1st-April-2013

Our  trip to Brazil was fantastic. We are a Belgian family - me and my wife and 3 daughters aged 17,15, and 13 years old. One of the highlights of our trip was definitely the tour in the Amazon with Carlos the Jaguar.  Carlos  is one of the most reliable people you can count on. He was waiting for us at the airport as agreed and took us immediately to our boat and filled in all our wishes (we wanted some wine on the boat and beers and soft drinks, it was all there). Carlos has an amazingly nice crew on his boat, no nonsense.

Andrea Funkhouser / 02 people - 7 days – Texas , USA - 2012

We were in Manaus for a tour in the Amazon with Carlos at the end of May 2012. He was very helpful with all of our planning questions, and the trip was wonderful. We visited the Amazon for a day and then went up Rio Negro for the next 7 days. We didn't see one other tourist until the last day. We had many canoe journeys through the flooded jungle, visited an isolated region along the river, Carlos and a jungle man  took us on a fascinating jungle walk. We visited an indigenous village, enjoyed magnificent sunsets, watched a crew member get açai fruit, and had excellent food.

Mark Towery / 05 people – 10 days expedition – Atlanta – USA – 2012

My family took a 10-day amazon cruise with Carlos and his crew, up the Rio Negro tributary of the Amazon. My wife, two grown children, fourteen year-old daughter and I, all enjoyed sleeping in hammocks swinging on the upper deck with cool breezes wafting across the river as we anchored in some region away from anything . Both younger and older kids enjoyed swimming with the pink dolphins. All of enjoyed fishing for piranha with hand lines. I enjoyed fishing for peacock bass. We all enjoyed eating food cooked by our chef. We particularly enjoyed excursions to remote creeks and canoe trips.

Wolfgang Bourier / 09 days - GERMANY - 1990

I knew Carlos in 1990, and decided to make a tour in the Amazon with him in the mid of the same year, starting from Manaus up the Rio Negro to the Anavilhanas, and then deep into the jungle. The trip was 9 days, and very special. He chartered a motorboat for me to cruise and sleep on it: Only he, me, the owner of the boat , and, part of the time, a native! The Rio Negro belonged only to us, and I was introduced in this spectacular habitat.

Mr.Nahmani and family / 4 people - ISRAEL - 4 days - 2012

Hello Carlos. Thank you for a wonderful tour in the Amazon Brazil. Our family wants to thank you for a lovely trip in the Amazon.The kids love to fish, to sail in the boat to play with the dolphins and with the monkeys.

Thank you. Nahmani family – Israel - ליאורה נחמני