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By Carlos the Jaguar

Organizing you special amazon nature tours, river cruises and fantastic expeditions to remote Amazon regions, far away from civilization and tourists ordinary routes, showing you the primary jungle, the ecosystem, tropical rainforest and plants, the true Amazon rainforest. Not that Amazon nearby towns, or those prepared areas to receive regular visitors, but, "the real primary jungle", full of action and exciting activities, only found many kilometers away from civilization and distant from tourist crowded regions.

In the Land of Giant Trees Amazon Pink Dolphins Swimming with Amazon Dolphins
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tropical rainforest biome
Amazing Jungle Trek Carlos the Jaguar and Jungle Man Flooded forest

All these jungle trips described above, are available during all the year. The tours are private, flexible, safe and exclusive only for you or your friends.
* To book one of these tours, you need only to send us an e-mail or use the contact form with your request.
* To confirm it, send us through e-mail your schedule of your arrival in Manaus.
* The tours above are available in the package section in full details, giving you a good idea of our jungle    activities day after day.

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Water lilies
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Amazon Riverboat
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