Expedition in the Amazon

Amazing Expedition in the Amazon Rainforest

Offering the guests the chance of a different tour away from tourist routes, where you can see the true primary jungle away from civilization. A riverboat  take us to the most amazing regions of the Amazon, allowing us to visit severals places and sleep in different regions each day. So, join your friends and family and come to enjoy a true expedition in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

Exploring the Amazon Jungle away from civilization and away from tourist ordinary routes, allowing you to see and enjoy the authentic primary jungle. This expedition is available for those interested to live an  adventure in the Amazon, visiting remote regions of the Rainforest.

(Enjoy the Amazon in a true Adventure Expedition)
Offering intense activities, these trips are perfect for those interested in action and adventure in the Amazon. These exciting trips are focused in: jungle walks, exploration, amazing canoe rides, bird watching, alligator spot at night in primary jungle, exciting activities. As well as: pirana fishing, incredible canoe trips in narroways and in flooded jungle, wildlife, visitation to indian tribes, swim with Amazon pink dolphins, photographies and much more.

Exciting Expedition in the Amazon


Tour in Traditional Riverboats:

Tour in boat with cabins:

“Choose your option and book an amazing expedition in the Amazon”

Please, inform the number of days, number of people and date of your arrival in Manaus and I answer you promptly. I can make your reservation in a good hotel in Manaus and organize all your transfers.

Tour departure:

The tour leaves according your arrival in Manaus. You decide the day you want to start the trip. Price will be sent to you on request, as well as itinerary and details of the tour.